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Page 1 Union Township Republican Party Clermont County, Ohio A member of Clermont County Republican Party CONSTITUTION OF THE UNION TOWNSHIP REPUBLICAN PARTY CLERMONT COUNTY, OHIO Amendment History • As amended on August 5, 2019 from a Constitution last amended April 4, 2005. Preamble The Union Township Republican Central Committee (UTRCC), of Clermont County, Ohio, in accordance with the statutes of the State of Ohio, hereby makes, ordains and establishes the Constitution of the Union Township Republican Party (UTRP) of Clermont County, Ohio. Article 1: Purpose The purpose of the UTRCC shall be to assist and/or render support in securing the most capable, honest and forward-looking administration of government at all levels—national, state, county, township, village and city, in accordance with the principles of the Republican Party as enunciated by the State, County and National Committees of our Party. Further, the Purpose of the UTRCC shall be to conduct activities of the UTRP, promote Republican principles and policies, and to cooperate and assist Republican efforts in national, state, and local elections. Article 2: Membership and Organization Section 1: Membership The UTRCC shall consist of one member, henceforth referred to as a committeeman, elected from or appointed to each precinct in Union Township, in accordance with the Statutes of Ohio and this Constitution. Section 2 – Election and Re-Organization A. Following an election of committeemen, administered by the Clermont County Board of Elections (BOE), there shall be a reorganization meeting for the sole purpose of electing officers of the UTRCC. B. The reorganization meeting will be scheduled after the date of certification of election results by the BOE and before the organizational meeting of the Clermont County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC). C. The Chairman of the outgoing UTRCC shall call the meeting inviting all newly elected committeemen of the UTRCC per certified results from the BOE. For newly elected committeemen, who were not committeemen of the outgoing UTRCC, notice of such meeting shall be sent by postal mail postmarked at least 5 days prior to said reorganization meeting to addresses as provided by the BOE. For newly elected committeemen who were committeemen of the outgoing UTRCC, notice may be provided by electronic means per Article 3, Section 3 (A). D. At the reorganization meeting, the outgoing Chairman shall serve as Chairman of the meeting. The outgoing Secretary shall serve as Secretary of the meeting. A quorum shall be at least thirty percent (30%) of newly elected committeemen.